A Writer’s Heaven

A friend once said to me, “Writing a book is like dropping a tissue into the Grand Canyon.” I’ve often thought about that remark as I plunged into the self-marketing field after self-publishing my second novel–a new experience for me after being treated to the interest, polishing, and marketing know-how of a real live publisher for my first novel. But the publishing industry has changed dramatically as we all know.
However, sometimes things happen that tell you good fortune has dropped in your lap, a little of which can go a long way.
Such was my experience yesterday as about 25 members of the Friends of the Bridgeville Library Book Group gathered for a talk about my historical novel, Elizabeth’s Field. A large number of copies of the book had been ordered a few months ago for their yearly Community Read Program and put in circulation at the library in preparation for a discussion that was open to the public.
After my talk, questions from the group were of an interested, involved audience, where contributions led to discussion in various directions. Instead of working to make an audience interested enough to read/buy the book (the job of a saleswoman which I am not) the group had already developed their own thoughts, ideas and questions which made for a lively discussion, the culmination of which occurred when one of the members actually thanked me for writing the book.
Ah. A moment of bliss! On the uphill struggle to sell a book, a plateau had been reached, maybe even a pinnacle, or at least a momentary resting place. A few members bought their own copy of Elizabeth’s Field to give as gifts or because they wanted their own copy.
I can only express my deepest gratitude for such an audience and such a wonderful reception, but the bottom line is it was a major shot in the arm.
Afterwards, I asked what would happen to the 30 copies the library now had on hand. The answer was the books will be passed along in a kit, to other libraries in Delaware as an initiative to interest them in having their own Community Read Program. Whether or not any of that happens, it is heartwarming to have one’s work received, considered, and passed along. I can’t thank you enough, Friends of the Bridgeville Library.

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