The Fields

No spring has been more welcome than this one.  The gardens slowly revive and rebirth is everywhere.  Mosey is not particularly happy, though, because his napping place has once again, been disturbed.  In case you don’t know it by now, that’s Mosey of MOSEY’S FIELD, (my latest children’s book), who spends summer wondering about the place he has claimed for himself in the field outside my window.  With this in mind, I’d like to introduce my new blog, LETSREADANDTALK.WORDPRESS.COM, written for teachers and parents in the light of expanding stories for children and fostering conversation.  The first book on the blog is MOSEY’S FIELD, of course.  There are questions to be asked, wonderings to be imagined, and processes examined in the light of corn production.  But for now, the field outside my window, newly plowed and ready for seed, remains brown while those beyond are bright green with rye or barley or wheat.  This one will be planted in potatoes, I hear.  “They’ll be bloomin’ pretty by June,”  according to Mattie in ELIZABETH’S FIELD.  So I’ll look forward to a different patch of color this year.  There’s not much else to do around here.  I’m joking, of course. 

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