I’m proud to say that my 22 acres is part of the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy.  As I look out at the field from my study window, I have often wondered about people who lived and worked here generations ago.  What happened in times past is only hinted at by the sequence of names on the deeds and wills of the time.  It is a scant record to be sure, a time that easily lends itself to the imagination, a time fueled by oral histories passed on my an isolated race.  What was not recorded invites fictionalization based on the merest of facts.  It is a liberty I take humbly, and it is based on the assumption of the desire for freedom, for ownership, for inalienable rights and encompasses the immense struggle to survive in a time of the greatest peril for any single group of Americans, the so-called free Negro of antebellum days.

I hope you will take the time with me to  honor the folks who lived the history of our area, and come to the meeting sponsored by the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy on Feb. 8, 2014 at the East New Market Town Hall from 10:30 until noon, where I’ll be sharing some of the discoveries I made in my research for Elizabeth’s Field.

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