Review for Mosey’s Field

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Mosey’s Field is a children’s book about a long-legged lumbering type of dog named Mosey.  Mosey had few interests.  Chasing rabbits, chickens, groundhogs, and sniffing just about everything.  His favorite place to nap was in the middle of a large field.  A field where corn was planted and harvested every year.

This book tells the story of Mosey.  It also talks about the changing of seasons and the types of farm machinery necessary for the planting, and harvesting of the corn.  During the growing season, as the corn stalks grow, Mosey loses his favorite napping place.  He searches high and low over the acres of field for that special spot.  He loves the tall cornstalks that provide shade from the heat, the water dripping off the leaves after a rainstorm that cool him.  But still, he misses his spot.

Will Mosey be able to find his napping spot?  This cute book was illustrated by Heather Crow.  I must admit I was first attracted to this book because the author is a former kindergarten teacher who lives on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and the illustrator lives in Easton, Maryland.  As a Maryland transplant, I feel a sense of pride in both these women.

And there is Mosey.  Who is adorable and lovable and all things wonderful about a dog.  I can’t wait to  read this story to my favorite kindergarten student!

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