A letter from England

Well, I eventually managed to get my hands on your book, “Elizabeth’s Field.”  I read it very slowly with more than often a tear in my eye.  I loved the short sentences, the colloquial speech of the black folk and the sense of the passage of time within the unfolding seasons.  It did, however, bring me face to face with the disgusting realities of slavery.

I was recently on the roof of the Liverpool Football Stadium preparing for a televised soccer match.  There, laid out visibly below, were the docks and wharfs from which the slave ships would come and go.  Large monuments to the “great” men and women were also visible, sprinkled around the city together with their large and imposing houses.  All made possible by involvement in the slave trade.  Similar scenes are to be found in the London and Bristol ports where the “good burghers” of these cities prided themselves on their business skills in the buying and selling of people.

However, leaving aside the highly charged and emotive subject matter, I did enjoy your lovely book and the characters therein will always be with me.  The description of the desperate flights by those seeking freedom are memorable with the parallels to the Jews and others, fleeing from Nazi Germany, plain to see.  The bravery of the individuals providing safe houses and assistance to the escapees was truly remarkable and inspiring.

James McGlynn

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